Pound Lit Press Anthology

We found another collaborater on the project and the new funds mean we've doubled the payment rates.

The winning story will now pocket $50, up from $25.
The two runners-up will now receive $20 each, up from $10.
All other selected stories will get $5 and a PDF version of the final anthology.

So now you have even more reason to submit a story to us. Get writing!

Many more stories


The stories continue to come in at quite a rate. Here are the latest numbers from the slush pile:

Stories Received: 31 (+10)
Stories Accepted: 1 (+1)
Stories Held: 6 (+1)
Stories Rejected: 21 (+6)
Undecided: 3 (+2)
A week into the new year already! Time for an update from our reading pile.

Stories Received: 21 (+3)
Stories Held: 5 (unchanged)
Stories Rejected: 15 (+6)
Undecided: 1 (-3)

Please keep the submissions coming. You have a little over two months left.