Pound Lit Press Anthology

We can happily announce that the Terminal Earth ToC will be finalised and published here and on Facebook on JULY 28th. For all you still waiting, that's the date to remember.

Latest Update


We have been slowly working our way through all the held stories in our bid to come up with our final selection. After this, we will move onto the editing. We are currently looking at trying to get Terminal Earth published by August. Authors still hopeful of inclusion should hear our final decisions at some time in June.

The final week!


We are now into the home straight on the Terminal Earth anthology. There remain only seven days - submissions will be accepted only until midnight on March 15th (US east coast time) so get your pencils and ideas sharpened, the windows closed, the door locked, the phone turned off and your dog busied with a rubber bone.

We look forward to the final week's subs as much as we did the very first ones. We'll update the blog with the final slush stats next week. Remember we're on facebook and twitter too.

So long and happy writing everyone. 
We found another collaborater on the project and the new funds mean we've doubled the payment rates.

The winning story will now pocket $50, up from $25.
The two runners-up will now receive $20 each, up from $10.
All other selected stories will get $5 and a PDF version of the final anthology.

So now you have even more reason to submit a story to us. Get writing!

Story Deadline


The deadline for stories to be submitted is: March 15th, 2010
We are absolutely delighted to have received our first batch of stories, now that we're listed at both duotrope and ralan.

So, as a treat, here is the first slush stats update:

Stories Received: 6
Stories Held: 2
Stories Rejected: 0
Undecided: 4

keep 'em coming! :-)
We are now listed at Duotrope. Woo! We look forward to receiving some great stories from everyone. Remember, if you have any questions, contact us or leave comments right here on the blog. Onwards and upwards!

End of the world!


Our anthology theme has been confirmed. Just a few more adjustments to the site and we'll open for submissions, almost certainly before Christmas.

First Post


The site was put online today, but there's still a ton of stuff to do. The theme of the anthology is being finalised in these days. Our plan is to move to a more comprehensive site in 2010 but for the time being, this one fulfills its requirements perfectly well.

Pound Lit Press says "hello" to the world.