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The Stories So Far


We've had some wonderful stories so far, even those that we've ultimately decided do not fit the anthology. As an early Christmas present, here are a few more pointers, based on what we've seen so far, about increasing your chances at getting into the Terminal Earth anthology.

The anthology is about the world ending and about what people are doing as that eventuality approaches. It is not about a Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic world. It is also not about the world not ending. There should be no Bruce Willis figures saving the planet. They can try, but certainly should not succeed!

The stories that have worked best so far are those (surprise, surprise!) that have most closely followed the guidelines laid out on this site. This sentence should be central in your thinking:

What we're really interested in is what ordinary and extraordinary people will be doing as the last grains of sand run out.

And don't hesitate to contact us should you require clarification on something or to make a query.

Once again, have a wonderful Christmas and, without depressing your friends and loved ones, do try and think about the end of the world! :-)
12/29/2009 01:12:07

Just wondering something. If you don't get all the stories you need, is there any chance you'll be lowering the minimum word count? I have a story that fits the theme, but it's only about 1,500 words.

Michael Stewart
12/29/2009 01:39:08

Hey RG -

Fair question - if we need to extend the deadline to get the stories we want, we'll definitely do so. It's highly unlikely we'll accept anything as short as 1500 words, veering towards flash - however, the word count guidelines are not immovable and if we got a great story of 2750 words or something we'd certainly consider it.

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