Our final story list! - Pound Lit Press Anthology

Pound Lit Press Anthology

Today on our website's front page, we published the final list of stories that will be in the anthology. The reading and selection process was long and intense, now to don our editors' hats. Well done to everyone, whether you made the final list or not.
Jamie Marriage
9/13/2010 08:36:03

It's great to see the list up. Is there an ETP (Estimated time of publication) yet?


9/13/2010 21:34:47

Jamie, it'll definitely be out before Thanksgiving! We can't be any more accurate than that at the moment. There's a chance it will be out before Halloween too! Once we begin to close in on a date, we'll post it up on here and on our facebook page.

10/30/2010 07:14:37

Hi Neil,

How's it going? Are we still looking for a release date before Thanksgiving?

Neil Thomas
10/31/2010 23:02:59

We are on the last story or two now and then we'll be moving to the publication process. Still a fair chance of pre-Thanksgiving.

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