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The final week!


We are now into the home straight on the Terminal Earth anthology. There remain only seven days - submissions will be accepted only until midnight on March 15th (US east coast time) so get your pencils and ideas sharpened, the windows closed, the door locked, the phone turned off and your dog busied with a rubber bone.

We look forward to the final week's subs as much as we did the very first ones. We'll update the blog with the final slush stats next week. Remember we're on facebook and twitter too.

So long and happy writing everyone. 
4/8/2010 05:11:25

Tapping the mike. For those of us holding (our breath), any sense of how long it will take to come up with the Table of Contents?


Neil Thomas
4/8/2010 06:38:55


It's going to be a good while yet. We'll probably have sent out the final acceptances and rejection by the end of May but it may not happen till June.

Neil Thomas
Terminal Earth Anthology
Pound Lit Press

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